Sunday, 15 September 2013

We had the auditions for Shards yesterday... I thought it went pretty well, six out of 19 people actually showed up and we made some fun, windy videos... I am not sure what they expected, because people will always expect grandiose welcomes and at the end of it will stand little old me. Which can be amusing, considering some are very eager, but utter amateurs and some are experienced enough to know better. I made a mockumentary on in, and even signed up for FB... again. Which I have been hating ever since. Not 24 hours have passed and already there are money issues and doubting my judgement issues and a little bit of disappointment for not winning the lead issues.. I have forgotten the necessity of separating your emotion from reality for these kinds of projects. Because I really love doing them.I am just really, really bad with people. Also weather. :)))

But I love what Drej said, when I said that we will work with lots of ducked tape and roller skates and impro dollies... She agreed that if we were given half a mil, we would still do things exactly the same, we'd just buy our own ducked tape, roller skates and impro dollies :D