Friday, 6 September 2013

Sleepless part 2

Mireille travels around to places that against all odds are very familiar to her and in each she finds a shard that ultimately assembles into her image (like a doll). People in this story speak an unintelligible language or mutter. She is a passionate, free-spirited world traveler. She smokes, she photographs, she has sex, she even has to steal one of the shards from a museum.

She rates and photographs coffee? She writes her stuff in a notebook, although she also owns an iPad and other modern things. There’s a scene with her charging all her gadgets.

POTTERY SHARD - from a broken pot in an old remote farmhouse: fits as a heard in the hole of torso. This is how the story stars. She is drinking coffee in the uphill trekking cottage and her friend comes to join her. Rain stars to fall and they kiss in the ruined house doorframe. Then they explore and she fits the shard. He already knew what this was about.

CURTAIN WEIGHT - in a posh old hotel: the head of the doll. She stops and even though the hotel is quiet, the bar waiting for the end of an opera show, she asks if she may charge her batteries and places her gadgets all over the room, creating a sort of installation or a flower over the old, dark tables. They pretty much all point at the curtain weight and as she collects her things before the crowd hits, she steals the curtain weight as well. 

PART OF A PHOTO - from a road house stop: eyes fit on the face. As she hitchhikes, she meets a nice guy, a lonely businessman in the making, and after he buys her dinner in a nice hotel, they hitvthe room to have sex. While she showers, he reads her notebook, intrigued by her plan. After sex, while she is sleeping, he reads more and offers to drive her to her next imagined spot, just to see what will happen. He agrees, when he sees that it is in fact pretty much her in the photo, that her theory is correct. 

THE WIRE - that holds a chain mail in a museum together: that wire ties the limbs. She gets it by spooking the overseeing student by kissing the student and the girl shyly runs away. Later, though, the girl catches up with her and asks if she may take a photo of her first girl kiss. Mireille takes one better than the phone and asks for the email to send it, thus sharing future info. 

BIT OF DARK WOOL - she find in a bunch of rocks on a shepherds pasture: her hair. This is in a Scottish-like landscape.

she already has some of the limbs, but she finds
A HOLLOW BONE - in an amphitheatre ruins: her left forearm. She imagines herself a gladiator, losing the arm as the shield broke under a blow. She enacts this with a friend.

 Mireille is a wandering soul. She is really good at this. She even looks like someone who has the world in reins, herself in check and luck under her thumb. She is young, but not a child. She is very lovely, but not kitchy. Her face is very easy to look at, although it usually the things she is looking at that truly draw attention. see, she is a collector. We do not really yet know who or what she collects, but that much is clear. Her movement, although spontaneous and well perceived, has just this one constant.

Changing location, pace, even seasons and means of travel, we get to follow her as she meets various new and old characters - curiously, energetically, carefully or mysteriously, and at times sexually or slightly criminally (but only a little.) we start to notice that among other reasons for travel, she is drawn to certain places for reasons even she is only vaguely comprehensive of - and almost always at those places she collects and object that she finds particular in some way. We begin to notice, along with her (though this is no longer a surprise for her) that no matter what the object (or shard) originally was, it is a part of something she is putting back together.

By the end of he whole story, we get to notice she has, having gone practically all over the world or whatever, gathered enough to create a clearer picture: be it a doll or a plaque or a statue, it is an almost too obvious portrait of her. We begin to realize that she is collecting pieces of her past lives, with all the hints of their quality, into her soul as a whole. Even as the story ends, even if the doll is far from being finished, we can see that this is an excellent reason or leitmotif for a wandering soul to wander. She may even leave behind, including this life, enough for her next incarnation to repeat the adventure. 

Locations of shards, past life and companion
(in no particular order)

- an old ruined country house (a shard of pot), with Snufkin-alternative

- a road-side stop cafe (eyes from a photo on the wall) in some remote area

- something from a museum that requires stealing