Sunday, 1 September 2013

On future projects ..

Fact is, I'd rather do things half right than cooperate and compromise. The experience of having to work with editors and their proof-reader-editor-wanna-be's, ranks somewhere between the divorce and the time when my teenagehood so called best friend left me to drown over a guy she was fucking.

I rather write my own fucking music on iPad xylophone than let people close to my projects ever again - and I am as tone deaf as a fucking brick. But that is how much working for a big publishing house broke my heart. I couldn't illustrate that graveyard of creativity any better if I actually sang it.

.. I'm only saying this, because, apart from paying the rent, I have three ambitious projects in mind that, come next spring, should prove to be a challenge worthy of a stubborn fucking little pro.

And somebody has to put General though another college. The last one he did was too fucking boring to live.