Thursday, 17 October 2013

Gravity (Part 2.)

Okay. In not so many words: as last year Prometheus puzzled me and left me with more questions than half a year of forum surfing could answer, so this year Gravity took me in and overwhelmed me completely O.o   MAN! What a movie. And what approach! Half the scenes I don't even know how they were done! That close-up on her face when she's panicking, that goes straight through the vizier INSIDE her helmet, that's just ... HOW did they do that? How? I sooo wish that this dumb town had a good 3D cinema, because I tried watching a 3D movie here and it was a money wasted to the last cent bad. It has been a weird day from early on. I needed this. And I am glad that instead of 3D I had this emotional overflow to begin with, so most of the time I was either crying, worrying or cheering. We were alone in the theatre, so I could make noise :)

I have to update my book. It's about a day out from print, which is lucky, because suddenly I know a lot more about space that an astronaut should probably notice... Like the fact that people usually move veeery slowly not because it's like walking under water, but because acceleration happens incredibly violently and almost impossible to control/remedy. There were many great things testifying to this - like the rooky mistake everyone makes - opening a fire extinguisher in zero G. You always remember not to do that a moment too late. Also, that fire was very pretty.

And the stations were very pretty (Americans don't have one, do they? There's the international one, the Russians have one, the Chinese have one... But Americans never had one. Or do they? I'm not sure. They had Hubble and Corot will be up any day not, which is French, I think. Dunno. I could be wrong. I should check up on these facts. But first, fix the book :D