Sunday, 20 October 2013

Weekend update

It's been a hot weekend. Thursday morning, I was off to Velenje to negotiate graphic details of Gorgi. I had to drive in the dark (very early), in the fog, in the rain, in rush-hour traffic through a gorge. Pun intended. That was not pleasant. But if the deal comes through nicely, it was worth it. I get jumpy when someone else handles my work. Tho they seem like good people. Then again, they all do when we first sit down to talk. 
         Friday morning, we threw a semi pro shoot; Lara and Tinka being the models, my sis and the mutts assisting and as a comic relief. General left early in the morning for work, then therapy, then school and only came home very late in the night. 
         Saturday, he was working again, but I strolled over to a mall and bough a posh shirt, then got myself talked into going uphill to have lunch with parents. But I didn't enjoy that very much. General picked me up and I tried to take a nap to prepare for the concert. Oddly enough, I was very nervous. I think it was because I wanted to make a good impression on the people who, well, might get impressed by my work and hire me, but now that I look back, that was a little bit naive. Other possibility was that my sister really wanted to meet a famous actor and I didn't wanna fuck that one up. Also, I hate coordination and actresses were coming in for tomorrow's shoot. So it's possible I was extremely sore all over from worry of tomorrow's shoot, also. Dunno. It felt odd. To have toothache, headache, earache and cramps in the legs and know it's from nerves. Eventually I left the General to deal with the sleep-overs and just sat myself down in the front row, trying to enjoy the show. It was a nice performance, people were friendly and I like meeting interesting new artists. The presence of a celebrity made everyone act with an extra push of colour, which is always funny and was particularly funny now, as the old man plays it very cool, very down to earth. By looking at him, you wouldn't think he's ever done any movies or any plays anyone's ever heard of. But the jokes he told were laughed at terribly loud and the songs he sung were cried at and everyone stared and grinned and clapped maniacally. He probably thought it was funny, too. You have to admire a man who gets paid a mother load, doing something so simple and so fun. 
          Fast forward one a.m., I have posted my sister's pics on Facebook, but couldn't fall asleep. The buzz of it all kept my head spinning. General made me retire eventually and few hours later, at five, the alarm rang. Time to wake the guest and make her up into a goddess of trains. I could work on her for hours more, but the sun rises at 7:20 and such delicate time tables make the clocks race like a bitch. Tanita and Tjaša had their close-up scenes today, whereas Tinka, Barbara and Maja behaved as the support crew. Everyone was trying to look out for on-coming trains (we were shooting on tracks.) Despite Sunday morning, four friggin' trains passed in two hours - none cargo. But we caught the sunrise and were done wonderfully soon. It was only nine o'clock, so we moved to the lake. Barbara had food from an earlier feast: we had a picnic, fending of swans. Experimentally, we shot the 'waking up' scene with Tjaša as Mireille, which I think worked neat, despite the lack of fog and mists.    
    ... I always forget to take photos, though we create such great characters... Only stuff I take is light tests. Goes to show I can only focus on one thing at a time. And why it's important that someone else counts my equipment. 
         Under slept and over-worked, I am starting to feel that familiar, pleasant high and restlessness that comes from depravity.  A fan of it, I am wondering whether to go to bed tonight at all. General will be the deciding factor, as if he was off to work, I wouldn't retire, but now that he is home, he is just too magnetic to fight. It's been a looong and wonderfully productive few days and because everyone says so, Monday's a new week. New overkills :D