Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Watched Gravity again tonight. Liked it even more this time. I'm reading the forus and am always amazed at how dumb people are. But no matter. I am glad I am not and that the makers of the movie were not and they made it for the likes of me, so that's that. LoL, those poor people, so desperately trying to shoot holes into the movie's laws of physics, as if the whole space isn't doing that enough already. But all I can think of is Tiangong's wings flickerring, while she's surfing down and down, and how much I want to meet Aningaaq (or at least see the film)... And how glad I am not to have to know to to break apart a Sojuz module...
       General is sleeping just next to me right now, and he is very warm. And noisy. That's pretty much how I like my world to be.