Tuesday, 11 February 2014


I know I sound, say, uh, 7000 years behind my time, but Alverde products are really getting me into makeup and beauty products. I can't get enough of their stuff. Maybe because it's really inexpensive, agrees excellently with my skin, natural and really good stuff, pigments-wise, or maybe because it's making showering fun. I have about five different shower products (stressing at this point that I absolutely hate showering and never ever bathe, because I cannot stand being wet), for five different parts of my wholesomeness, and i apply each in an order, depending on duration of supposed appliance... this sounds stupid, I know, but what I'm saying is - suddenly, for the first time ever, I have fun while showering. There was once a time when i was married to a gay asshole, and his fussing about beauty products made me steer clear of anything remotely cosmetic for a decade... Which i am now evidentally getting over. There were also times when I would never ever consider a pale pink lipstick... And yet, here I stand. Smelling and looking like a gentle vintage garden. :D