Sunday, 9 February 2014

Random thoughts

I sometimes get the feeling that if I were a guy, I'd be mean. Like, a real dick. I would probably be Cole or worse. Dunno why, I just think someone who has such little regard for rules might take advantage of his morality fatigue and act out. Also, every time I write about a man, he does something mean. I suppose power corrupts. And having a dick feels like having power - in your hands.
    Something tells me nature would have enabled men to reproduce on their own a long time ago, but they'd all just kill one another, so nature is cleverer than that...


I ODed on whipped cream last night. I haven't had it in so long my tummy forgot how to handle it and then I had too much and am still sick :/ General calls this one of his 'told you so's.


The fourth person has recently asked me to have an exhibition. I have to come up with better excuses than "I don't really like exhibitions, I'm shy." This time I said that I am not really exhibition material (we were talking illustration, not photography), because I am not a painter. That painters are proud of their work whereas illustrators love ours. Their work belong on the walls whereas ours belongs among people.
But I really should think of something better to say. "Sorry, i really don't like being in the centre of attention" isn't hitting any credibility lately.