Thursday, 6 February 2014

Another lovely balcony viewing with Maja – we watched Le passe, an Iranian – French movie about … well, pretty much a normal family. There is this point at which a very okay man, who just came to France to sign divorce papers, surely thinks: may I please go back to Tehran to calm down?... Okay, so Tehran isn't a bad place, but he could just as well be thinking this about … anyplace bad – Sochi, whatever. They deeply reminded me of my family. So much shit going on, that isn't really any shittier than everyday storms, people looking for deeper meaning where they never is one, people trying to connect the dots and then moving the dots to shape something that would offer redemption… Which wouldn’t change anything. Hopping for an easy answer, a happy ending when there really isn't any such thing in the normal life.. A teenager does something mean and stupid, the jealous infatuated help does something mean and stupid, but it was actually the adults that were doing the mean and stupid thing, because they needed to feel something nice.. It's life, y’know. Soon becoming history.  When are teenagers NOT mean and stupid? Or kids hysterical, acting out? Or adults too quiet, fucking up things because it is getting too complicated to breathe?
It was actually a really good movie. Well, lately every one I saw in Metropol was really good, no shocks there, I'm just surprised I can say that about a movie in which there is screaming, - ones I normally shun..
In all of it, I hated the kids the most, especially the little boy, what a fucking annoying little shithead… But of course it was the adults that were truly acting terrible. Kids were just being expressive. I wonder why I hate kids so much? Is it because I've long lost hope in adults and I actually want the kids to crawl out of it, secretly wishing there's hope for them yet?
Dunno. Probably some Freudian, demeaning answer there. The guy claimed clitoral orgasms are hysterical, which, in itself, makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.