Sunday, 23 February 2014

Gorgi smackdown

Funny thing, I sometimes get so overwhelmed (or excited, however you wanna call being high on thrilled), my body cramps so much I literally get muscle ache the next day. None of these is a negative emotion, I am simply stupid with happiness. Only bad thing are the blackouts, because I truly cannot remember parts of the event, so certain amount of good stuff is missing from the crazy picture. (Also, I think I paid the musicians, I just can't remember doing it. I already wrote them and tried to do the math, but even if the math fits, the memory of handling that detail is missing from my brain in its entirety. I really hope I didn’t fuck up. O.o ) There were SO many people!
Well. In a word, it was… going to be hard to best for a little while.
Here are some posters alarming folk about the event….
And the pancake stand.. Sanela and Rockstar are testing it.A pretty lady Ana is handing the heavy lifting.. 

I made a 100 pancakes (dad and dogs ate a few beforehand),  packed with stuff that should make people full for a fortnight, and yet they were all eaten, every single one. The beautiful girl whom I asked to make them handled it flawlessly. My in-laws brought BASKETS of yummies, but I kept those and will eat them thorough the coming week. Some of my nutty friends brought me prezzies, crazy cunts. Someone warned Niko, my moderator, that we look like we are totally flirting (and he was afraid General might beat him), but that is how I must look when super happy, like I’m in love, talking with someone who liked my book and was telling the people to buy it, read it and love it :D Actually, thanks to him, we actually covered the costs AND made some money! That hasn’t happened to me since… well, ever, actually.
The musicians were two perfect guitar players, singing perfect songs. It was really difficult not to start weeping, even though the songs weren’t sad at all. The prettiest boy God has ever created sang in a deep, harsh voice you’d never attribute to someone so tiny, and I could listen to them for another few hours. Naturally, I couldn't help myself running around, photographing stuff.

They sang Kreslin’s Od višine se zvrti (Heights will make you dizzy – one of the most beautiful songs you will ever find in Slovene language.), Chasing cars, Norwegian wood, some Nirvana and a few more songs I got completely lost into and cannot remember at this point.
So… Between a full house, all the pancakes eaten, my suddenly very large family, books sold, my besties, General’s face in the back or bringing me water, people listening to me read, hearing Maja and Tinka laugh, Niko asking me about thing I could never stop talking about, my mum and dad, the music and… being on stage, presenting my work…
I have to keep these things scarce. They really take the toll on my shyness :P

Being stupid, I of course forgot to take any photos of the people OR Niko, so here's one of him by Goran Radič (thanks, bro :))

This is the pickie of the stage by Jaka Lenček (who seems to think the guitar playing boy is a vampire??)


Tina Teršek said...

:D I'm still giggling...thank you!

Pix said...

You guys were the ones who made it so awesome :D