Friday, 28 February 2014

Too busy to post, but yeesh Gods, the stuff happening :D

Well. If one is trying to organise an orgy, that is of course 97 % a harmless joke... It's the same with telling people you want to photograph them naked. Unless of course it turns out to be a great success. Then it's not a joke. Not that such an ambition has ever left me with my head on before. I do so enjoy a beautiful love story... especially if it actually happens - and I am to collect the credit.
   But no, it hasn't happened, nor have I managed to photograph anyone naked yet. I have, though, left a blatant breadcrumb.. or a bread loaf for a guy to follow the girl and as result, spent the last seven or so hours sitting between them, carefully waiting for a spark to ignite... That was like watching two positive protons mate. Come ON people! You're both young, beautiful, I would write you both a sonnet! With a happy ending!
   Why is the real world always so careful and shy?

   I wonder if, provided I am not ever taken seriously, and my besties don't ever take offence I am trying to put my nose right where it does not belong, these are the people I will be excellent friends with for a very long time? This is the company I find myself taking great solace in. Away from drawing, away from family issues, away from money issues or the fact I never really seem to know what to say and always wanna start talking about Lord Of The Rings...

Drej started this three or four years back.. I've been enjoying the company of actual people more and more because of her every day.
  Provided I am never taken seriously :D Well, 97 % of the time, at least.

Other than that, my timetable is ludicrous. Today the body fell into an odd state of shock from being over-worked, drawing such fine detail it left me shaking, starved and parched, near a fever. Yet, at the same time, hyped on everything that I'm working on. If I reduce my sleep radically, it will put me in a dull state of being high on deprivation and I will be able to roll through all the projects like I'm mad at it.. And then, come Tuesday or so, I will probably pass out, collect all kinds of viruses and germs and stay sick and drooling until, say, Wednesday.When I am tempted to try climbing again (Again.).

Tomorrow: filming, drawing (watching Xena), editing, vector drawing, selling tickets, watching movies; Saturday: drawing, selling tickets, going to see a play, photographing a masked party, also in the committee for the best costume, making pickies; Sunday: shooting a music video, drawing, editing.Somehow amidst all this I continue to have sex every day, wooing folk to pose for me and am almost at page 9 of that cool Cairo novel I've been reading for about two weeks now.
Did I ever mention I have a very small head?