Wednesday, 10 December 2014

All of you who watch Newsroom will know what I'm talking about and those of you who don't, I don't care, I never liked you anyway, but spoilers aside – this weeks was a freakishly good episode. When it turns out who Will was in the cell with all along, and when Charlie's heart breaks for his loss of journalistic integrity… No wonder I was so messed up yesterday.

Today was stupid cold. I mean, it wasn't center of Siberia permafrost cold just yet, but the sky was perfect blue and the sun was white and it was minus four. This was the first day I was actually really cold. It is hell on the batteries in the camera and despite my calories-rich diet, I am losing weight. I must be burning so much energy, keeping afloat, one could use the same amount to run a freight train.

I exchanged one of the drawings for a bag of cookies and pastry, all of which are insanely delicious. Gooods but do I love desert. well, tonight, this is diner:

Because good reasons :D

Also these music box people came with a slightly uncomfortable carnival vibe. Of course I managed to forget my flash while shooting and had to borrow it. It just goes to show that regardless of how much I enjoy a photography-related conversation, my heart really isn't in it. Though, unlike previous years at a time like this, now I know exactly why that is.

Uu, and best part of yesterday: I was told that some photos have the heads cut out of the frame. :D