Monday, 15 December 2014

Two weeks of the fair, almost halfway through. I am too tired/sleepy to really go into it, so I'll just post some pickies and mention I really enjoyed watching Azog die in the last Hobbit. Will go see it again tomorrow, hopefully. I still have a crush on the big brown eyes of a photographer who calls my shots"too artistic" and consequentially, I now completely hate the way I photograph things and demand an upgrade of my skill and talent - and I want it before winter is over. I wrote a whole dissertation on the subject. It's okay to be ambitious. I fucking die every time someone says my work is 'nice' and moves on. Goes for drawings, too. But I am still completely and madly in love with my husband's well-grounded optimism, who tells me: you're on the right track. We'll get there. No worries. Compared to how hard it was for us at the start, this is nothing. It's a month thing.

I had a bad morning, because the driver of the truck that was supposed to get firewood to my parents fell and broke his ribs, so General had to load all of it on his own. But, cursed or not cursed, the wood got delivered and my parents were excited and the General got fed and is now about to pass out on the bed - something I would take sticky advantage of, if I wasn't about to pass out as well. I painted myself pretty yesterday and today I painted myself in dire need of good coffee and a hug. Maybe hot sex.. But mostly coffee.

These are some of the little drawings I make...

And some of the pickies I made of a concert a few days ago...

And now I'm out.