Monday, 8 December 2014

Fire ... and stuff. (Soot, drizzle, kerosine.)

They have these shows in the side-lines of the X-mas market, like puppet shows or stuff like that .. To my taste they run a little to the grotesque, uncomfortable side, so I don't truly enjoy viewing them, but it does cheer my day to see that burnt-ochre-eyed creature with the cool camera (no, really, it’s fucking freezing outside, the camera is actually cold.) and last night one of the shows contained fire. Fire is a very interesting thing. It’s almost evil, very hungry, but of course it is also vital and, you know, photogenic. So a bunch of odd people did some odd performance and threw shovels of accelerant, which then went kablaaazee!.. That much about that for my delicate brow. And lungs, really, because I inhaled plenty soot. But It was hot. In a good way. All in all it was a good day. Nice ending to it, nice, looong night, really. Today was Monday, slow and steady. I submitted some other work, we’ll see how that gets paid. I hate having payments up in the air. I miss the time when people simply paid me in food.