Monday, 22 December 2014

Three weeks in, one more left. Give or take a day or two ...

Lots of fun stuff happening around, but there's so much of it and I am so tired most of the time, things happen and I can't really prove it with enough zest :D Example, the General chose to walk from the party again and this time I met him half way, so that places TWO idiots (three, if you count the dog) walking a very long walk in the middle of the night in the middle of winter - and it was wonderful. But I sleep A LOT and I by now HAVE to have sex every morning, because the body cools down so much that the dorsal musculature gets so cool and so tense I nigh cry from pain. I have to get them relaxed and warm again, or I wouldn't be able to sleep at all. 
There is a lot of very pleasant stuff going on with the people who come to the stand - sometimes, like last night, just as I was closing up and the display was a mess, a couple came and bought a bundle, amazed at my stile and how playful and pixie it was and we talked and they were really glad I paint and I was really glad they were glad. Their energy completely uplifted me - and then I went to see the Hobbit for the third time and only then noticed that at the end, between Thorin and Azog, Thorin ALLOWS Azog to kill him, deliberately, just so that he could get the chance to do the same. It's a very Jin move. Nasty.
I shot these Serbian folklore dancers, which were really cool, and then I had a long, hard inner discussion on whether, if it was ANY other photographer, I would send them to the organizers to show that I better deserve the position of their photie, but because they mean nothing to me and he means fuzzy warm thoughts to me, I did no such thing. He was told his aren't good enough. But I like him and until he turns out to be just as a snake as everyone else, I want him to enjoy his job. I live and breathe photography and I would really fucking hate to see him not do the same because the clients are ALWAYS dicks. Like a child he would pose and let me do things to his camera I would otherwise only do with a condom - like put my card into his machine and then use the flash and the lenses and his MarkX to shoot him, just to test the lens. I would never let anybody do such things with my camera. I consider these possessions to be supernaturally intimate. But he would say 'do it yourself, I want you to learn how to use this one' and I would adore him for it. LoL, of course the settings I use are entirely different than what he uses. He's on ISO5000, I use ISO125. I use M, he uses something else. Ap priority? Dunno. I swear by my 50mm prime, he's in love with a 85. 85 is too cold for me. You have to stand further away. I think portraiture is better than sex. He would remind me from time to time, that we are both married. Silly little brown-eyed creature.

Here's some of the folklore dancers (and now I know how to do the basic circlet dance :D :)

And here's him as Iro (or, probably, as The General, considering I was looking for the angle and expression (and semi subconsciously features) identical to that of G.) Can't hardly put my seal on that photo, seeing as it was done with none my gear.I love the huge eyes and the small wet mouth, tough. I'd love to break my knuckles on those cheekbones in some odd, old musky story ... :P