Monday, 15 February 2016

Another bad dream. Consequently, had a ruined morning and almost lost my temper at a woman who handles - or I wish she handled - my unemployment status. G and i agreed that I will continue sending out ten job requests per week and will go to every interview that follows, but will stop at march 11th - an application for a cruise ship photographer being the last one I send. 

Mum loved the idea of me being a pastry chef, and asked me to bake two cakes yesterday after lunch, while the boys watch sky jumps. She wanted me to do a roe-deer's back - for which dad once bought her a mold and she never tried it; and using some of the base dough, I did a cheesecake with apricots. Was gonna put little drops of chocolate on top and run a toothpick over them in a spiral to make them into tiny hearts, but the cake was too cold and so they're more like little hickups :D