Tuesday, 2 February 2016

The cold has shifted to the General and the cat. I don't think I sneezed once today, though getting up the stairs is still an awful thing to do - and I smell. Seriously, I don't normally smell bad, as I don't eat meat and tend not to sweat much, but these days I REEK. Like a shelf of dead bacteria. Blewh.
     I have a job interview tomorrow. I've applied to about fifteen or so random positions all over the country and I'm getting responds now, which is fun. Even people who have no position to offer and - I literally applied to the wrong position for a company that I didn't mail the right application to, and THEY called me back and told me that if I'm interested, they'll be looking for a designer in a few days. It feels funny. I am so used to being on my own, a nobody, so introvert, that this sudden interest in me and my work is quite endearing. I may actually end up getting a job. I've already made a list of things that I would buy if I ever had any money. There are a lot of books on it. Maybe a lens or two. Maybe a house at some point, or at least a car, though the General refuses to allow me to choose a cute one, like Juke or a Mini. 
     Anyhoo, I've one interview tomorrow, wondering if I should dress up; I've another on Friday. For that one I had to write two press releases and design a small newspaper. This is so much fun, I'm telling ya! It's like someone asking a penguin: could you walk around the ice for a little bit? Great! Can I design a small newspaper? Lady, I design small newspapers when I'm bored with crossword puzzles. Oh, on a related subject, they finally designed a program to beat a human at Go. Go programmers. Good job. ...The rest of my tasks include making more pickies for a band, making more pickies for the climbers, making Tinka's video, which I can see more clearly in my head now; making more pickies for the collectors people, also a photoshoot of Tinka's hubby's band in a studio, which I am looking forward to - studio stuff; I've to call a lady about a picturebook, take books uphill to mum, and I'm behind on my writing. Not because I'd be too busy, but because I've been distracted and unchallenged since I've been sick. Also retarded.
       This will someday be my reality - my brain will diminish and I'll only be able to hold one mundane thought in it at a time. Hopefully I still have a few years beforehand, though, still. It's an odd feeling, being dimwitted. If nobody expects anything of you, then it's not a grave fuss at all.