Monday, 1 February 2016

Ye Gods how I hope this is the last day of my cold. I don't mind looking like an orangutan’s ass or like I have a particularly heavy set psoriasis on my face or like I am sneezing acid (could've fooled me), but I am annoyingly tired all the while and It's affecting my job. To begin with, I didn't even hear the alarm this morning; or I did and I pretended it was just a dream. Soooo tired. So I wake up an hour too late, feeling like I haven't slept at all. The milk rice I made myself yestereve for breakfast tastes terrible. The one lucky break is that it's warm and raining, so I don't have to scratch the ice off car for once. I arrive almost not late, but this is a major event and so of course no parking lot to be found in the entirety of the village. I park by the church about a mile away, hurry through the rain and yes, in case you were wondering, all the good spots are already taken by other photographers. At least this time I know this will last a while and don't burn through all three of my cards in the first half hour. Problem is, I am so weary I can barely focus. I tremble and that is not a positive feat in a reportage photie... Except for the fact that the tiny climbers are trembling as well, so perhaps we're in perfect sync from time to time :D