Sunday, 21 February 2016

National gallery

So, they renovated the National gallery - I haven't been there in something like ten years. I used to know most the pieces. Of course you can't take pickies inside, so all of these are from Google. Here's the gallery now: the old part, very pretty, the new part, very spacious, and the corridors in between :)

Here are the pickes that I loved the most:

Michael Stroy: God's care

Cerkniško jezero by Marko Pernhart, though I couldn't find this particular picture. He painted large formats in romantic style, with these tiny details, like mini mini churches on top of hills, aglow in white, and then massive skies or mountains behind them:  

Then a painting of the Kotor bay, also didn't find a pickie..
Pavel Kunl: Fishmarket

Then comes Jakopič, the impressionists'  A lister:
Kamnitnik in snow:


  I think of all the periods in which my countrymen (yes, 99% men) excelled in art form, this one is my favourite. 
Matija Jama: Bridge over Dobra

And his Village in snow

Helena Vurnik: Annunciation

A very sad - and they were many really sad ones - statue by I. Zajec: Kozak's dream

L. Dolinar: Sphynx

Tone Kralj: a lying down nude - no pickie, and Smerdu's statue of Tiny dreams:

F. Kavčič: Myocon's tomb

J. Šubic, one of the two famous brothers Šubic: St. Cecily

Ferdo Vesel: before the wediing - I really liked this one, as it is almost exactly like my favorite painting of all time, but only found this tiny pic of it:

J. Petkovšek: The washerwomen by Ljubljanica (Love how the man setting up the line comepletely cuts across the women from teh title :D :)

M. Sternen: A street in Munich, another lovely impressionistic piece

P. Žmitek: A beggar with miniature church

The most famous of our Impressionists is Grohar and his pieces are the most lovely:

... And so on and so forth. There really are a LOT of pieces. I also made a list of things I didn't know or understood or simply didn't recognise the iconography of, so I have to go through that one next. Moral of the post: go see the fucking Gallery. It's intense.