Monday, 7 March 2016

At this odd chapter in my life, or the possibility of a new odd chapter, however you wanna call it, I'm in a sort of need of a good mental cleansing... As per usual, come March, I feel the awful urge to put a 'I'm under a vow of silence' tag on my boob and walk to Santiago de Compostello and back. The only thing stopping me is freaking April, when it rains all the time and ruins any chance of walking through amazing southern europe landscapes.. I miss deserts. And so I came across a YouTube video that explained how all of us should be taking some drugs almost all the time. Here are the things they listed:

1. Pomegranate juice. It supposedly chillaxes you off the bitch mode
2. Paintings of Caspar David Friedrich... Ok.
3. Emmental cheese. Envy supressing drug. 
4. Mozarth's aria: Suave sia El Vento. Generosity and tenderness towards strangers. 

Then I just watched clips of people stoned our of their minds :D 
Ah, if only I wasn't so strongly against chemmical stimulation.... Says a crazy lady after half a Ritter Sport chocolate, a cup of coffee and endorfine-enducing 15 minutes of playing with her cat. :D