Wednesday, 30 March 2016

At the dentist's...

Luckily my fear of dentists is only the third on the list; otherwise Room 101 would break me in a hurry. In fact finally going to see the dentist today, despite Drej's lovely moral support, resulted in getting nothing done. I fell into uncontrollable tears the moment I saw the chair and then spent the remain of my visit either hiding, weeping or trembling too much for him to do anything but try to talk to me. On the minus side, my teeth continue to hurt and we've decided not to try and open any until I come back in December - so that's 8 more months of pain and chewing poorly. On plus side, my teeth are nowhere in as bad a condition as I thought. Carefully at first, and more insistently, he would tap them with iron or blow cold air on them - except for a lost seven somewhere in the back, none of the ugly looking ones had to complaining anything about it.. I am beginning to suspect that the reason so many of them ache is not because they’d be so very rotten, since they're not rotten at all, but because they are crammed so tight into a small jaw and the eights are pushing them forth. That’s just a theory, though. He told me to get an X-ray, but I ignored that. First, he stressed, I need to establish trust. Funny, my school councilor back in the day said the same thing. It always felt like something a crook would say. And I wouldn’t trust my own shadow.
After I got home and took a nap to pull myself back together, my clothes soaked and my hair all dandruffy from having scratched my head near to scabs, the admin wrote to me via mail, saying:  “…we will fly you into Luton and put you in a hotel for the night, which we will prepay for you and then instead of public transport, your Operations Manager, Kevin, will pick you up from the hotel and drive you to the ship on the 10th April.”
Dunno about you, but that made me feel awfully posh. I always wanted to be flown somewhere due to my photographic ambition… Some day someone will come pick me up with a helicopter, you’ll see :P


Richard C. Lambert said...

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