Monday, 7 March 2016

I just noticed I am not posting nearly as much as I should be. It's not like there isn't a ton of stuff happening, or that I’m not having long, profound inner monologues on the subjects of epicurean existence and capitalism… At the idea of travelling away for a little while, naturally the first thing to kick in is homesickness – missing dad and gran and mum and dog and my toys. Once you reason your way around that – other people should not be the reason to not have an insane life – you start to learn about the ropes and how you’ll be able to make the most of some experience. In truth, not only because of the money or the chance to travel to places I’ve never been, but there’s also my odd partiality to tiny rooms, military regime and working until you keel over. The only reason it hadn’t occurred to me earlier, was because there was no way I would spend even a minute away from G.
As I write this, I am considering taking the audio recorder to the bed and tape him snoring, just so that I would be able to listen to him sleep on a loop, should I need to find a mental sanctuary.
But in truth, the idea of going away for a long time, to places where I have little to no control – once missing or worrying for others is taken into account and shut up for a moment – burns brightest when I imagine taking absolutely nothing with me. Nothing. Couple of socks, okay, comfy shoes and toiletries, stuff so you’re not smelly, obviously, but nothing else. No books. No drawing pencils. No mementos, no amulets, ‘sanity’ boosters like trinkets from friends or lots of love letter paper… Okay, maybe lots of love letter paper. If I know where I’ll be sleeping and that I’ll be given food and be kept warm, there really isn’t anything to pack that wouldn’t fit in the camera Crumpler and my go bag…
Hm. I can’t afford it yet, but I really want a go bag. This go bag….

want :D

Do you know that in my entire existence I have never packed my own suitcase? I have one, sis gave it to me and Drej uses it for her art markets, but in all my life I’ve always either just put stuff into someone else’s bag, like mum’s or dad’s, or I packed Kingdom.