Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Is it cheating if your favorite Chinese restaurant's phone if off and you call another, that you've never tried before, and they turn out to be twice as good, not as pricey and quite quicker?... O.o
Conscience, be quiet! Let tummy talk for once.

Winter is almost over, so I dyed my hair from chestnut brown to a hot red again. Had the perfectly legit excuse to do it a month sooner, too. After the interview, which was nicer than most interviews, bar perhaps the one for the position of a pastry chef, during which we made a cake and ate it (hard to top that :D :), I've realized that I actually have absolutely everything I would need for a ship job - already packed. Except perhaps nice shoes, as I usually wear hiking boots to any gig, ready to literally climb walls to get the pickies. We did have an 'evening wear' black closed-toe shoes for the military parades, which I never got a chance to wear out, but there's a difference between army chic and cocktail party classy. The nicest shoes I have are the ones Drej gave me. All I need now is a high end evening attire to go with it, in which I'll still be able to stealthily move around any ballroom and photograph anybody. The trick is not to be conspicuous, as say, having lots of flaming red hair... :P Though mum would be proud. :D