Monday, 1 August 2016


Been back a day and already everything feels completely nice and normal.
Got to say the only thing that feels weird is not wearing my seaman's pass around my neck anymore. That thing used to rattle and jingle down my breasts stopping only when I slept. It's strange, walking through doors without having to flash it to everybody. I am an ordinary human now. Course all I ever have to do to become a superhero again, is pull out my camera. But Mark is going to be sleeping off its jet-lag for a little while, won’t ye, Mark. :)

Won't waste time writing about how long we had to wait for fucking Putin to get out of the country and the airport allows us to leave, the kissing that followed or the sex that is still happening and we are running out of parts or holes on one another that wouldn't ache or require band aids, so we may want to slow down, but there is a spell of cooler weather, so we may use this opportunity to … hold up, he went out to get some water, he’s back in the room.. Give me one second..