Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Cruise 1: Amsterdam, Antwerp and Honfleur

Didn't care for it as much as I was told i should - after you get over the channels, the bicycles, the tulips, 'coffee' shops and leaning freaking buildings, not much else is there to make it stand out from every other big city on a sunny day. Will go back to check out Van Gogh, though.

I've since erased all of my pics of Antwerp to make room for later stuff, so I had to grab all of these from my Instagram. Sorries :P
I was only in town for about an hour anyway, the majority of the time of which was spent with three shippies trying to cheer me up. I was still too badly shomesick to care about towns then.

Some nice plaza

At times I feel like Morphei posed for every statue of a hot young dude ever.

My three mermaids: Vicky, Laydi and Vesna

Gulliver something

First glimpses of little Hermes watching over me

I had waffles and the girls had beer. Laydi actually had a really nice beer, very mild, with cherry juice in it. So, half beer, half cheery juice?

I will mix this one up with Flensburg often, because the two are almost identical in my brain. Not physically, but memory-wise. Both have this one long street with shops on it, and both were homey.