Sunday, 7 August 2016

Cruise 3: Flensburg, Travemunde, Kiel, Hamburg, almost Bremen

The adorable FLENSBURG. Nice main street, nice waterfront, nice post office (friendly) and some good pie&coffee places.

TRAVEMUNDE, from where you supposedly get to Lubeck, but I've never gone there, Leydi and I just explored, starting with the cool German-type church.

KIEL kanal. pretty awesome the first six or seven times. Then kinds of... Drive fucking faster already. The reflection is a very appropriate carpet.

HAMBURG. Pretty awesome by night, awesomer still by day and then really awesome the second time around.

Pretty statue outside the town hall

Elements of the town square stature, mostly all praising some sort of sea merchant life, but also life itself (Herne)

Fleeting things: lake scapes

Containers-made portside terminal for shippie - also where you get free wifi and cheap noodle soup

Waterfront on a sunny day

The really boring and touristy 'red' district

Riverboats on the river front


The massive new philharmonica, with theaters, opera and hotel in it

The infamous fifth Beatle

Never got to see BREMEN. Tried to, twice. Didn't happen. Ugly little port, too :D