Friday, 12 August 2016

Cruise 4 continued: Nyburg (more Valdemars Slot), Wismar, Fredericia, (Lysekil...)

I didn't really see anything in NYBURG, Newcastle, because I went to an excursion right away - to a cute posh place called after a loser prince - Valdemars Slot. Or his brother. Dunno. Some tale of regal diplomatic and sexual woe or other. Some Russians beat the shit out of a prince who came to buy a royal bride, and stole all his money. That much I remember. And one of his relatives or ancestors swam over a lake and porked a girl in a palace, whom he thought was some other girl, whom her mother replaces to conserve her chastity. But he paid for the baby's upbringing anyway. Classy guy. (Girls sure used to get pregnant fast back in the day.)


Isn't it bad luck to rechristen a ship?

Love shippies

Fleeting things: windmills

pretty farm of rapeseed... that is a really weird name for a plant. rape.

This is where a pretty girls lived whom a pince tried to hump but got played by her mum.

Fleeting things: ridiculously expensive tiny houses

Valdemars Slot estate. Groomed like a French Hooker's privates.


Can just har the music played here, in the evening, with the ocean 30 ft away...


Manholes rule :D

This is a really big church. Biggest I've seen or at least the biggest it seems because it was completely empty. And I like that.

If you ignore the damn tiny truck and notice the big ball of iron parked behind it, you'll notice that this particular sacral construction is only a little bit of a church left after a bomb leveled it. The foundations around it are there as a memorial to what it once was. It was big. Now there's just the tower left.


FREDERICIA - a nice, neat, pleasant and welcoming little town, approx the size of my home town, which I only spent a little time in and basically only remember that I had no currency and walked into a paper store and bought a Moomin tiny card, Moomin hugging a birch tree, which I later wore between my tags as a good luck charm. I had too little money for it, but the women in the shop admired my occupation and my love for Moomins and didn't charge me as much as they should. For that I will always remember it super fondly.