Sunday, 7 August 2016

Cruise 4: maiden mystery - my favorite one (Larvik, Hundested, Nyburg, Wismar, Fredericia, lysekill, Fjallbacka, Gatxo)

LARVIK was a historic place, very nice, but we caught it on a Sunday and so it was so quiet and everything was so costly, it was my least liked in the long sum
Approaching the first mystery maiden port of call... Where could we be? Well, if it's almost flat, foggy, cold and we've been going directly up for the last 50 hours, then it's probably Norway.

Go-Pro at a ready


A random wedding party that was being photographed, so i instantly ran to it to also get a snap. Pathological.

Coming soon: Hundested - under construction

The viking fair extended into the village, which was (on the waterfront, in the old boat houses) an art market, art stores and workshops, with some pretty awesome shit available for sale...

I was so happy and the day was so beautiful, I couldn't stop crying. I cried for the better part of an hour. An old lady, tall and beautiful and slender and dressed beautifully in vegan danish fashion came by and asked me what time it is and told me she's going to catch a ferry across the bay to her dance class. We talked for another better part of an hour. She knew what she was doing. She knew that loneliness can be an extreme emotion, fruitful and rich, not disarming and disheartening, like most people think... Either way, she never mentioned my tears, she just got rid of them. She was majesty.