Sunday, 15 January 2017

While G and Rockstar visited gran, I grabbed Starbuck and hid Mark under the parka to keep it warm, setting out to trek my favorite walking path alongside the river. I've done that path enough times before to know I can make it 50 km a day without pauses, about 43 if I pause to take pickies or the crazy dog is with me or I get lost; or halfway and back, turning in Polzela (cca 48km). In snow and ice, though, WITH the mutt, WITH the camera, it took me three hours just to reach the lake. But the sun came out and it was SO warm <3 The General drove to the lake and brought me a bagel and tea. Perfect morning, really. The sound of frozen snow under my shoes alone was enough to transcend me to a timeless, primordial rangers' world.