Friday, 27 January 2017

:D I would never!!

You know you’ve hit high marks sanity standards when you forget to erase your browser history and your husband finds all kinds of “forbidden” shit you are not supposed to be using the internet for:
-          DIY raincoat for you and your backpack duct tape rims
-          hiking the appalachian trail – is it better northbound or southbound
-          which tent 1 person ultralight
-          dachshund
-          miniature dachshund
-          miniature dachshund smooth
-          miniature dachshund smooth puppy free no papers
-          hiking shoes – are good sandals better than bad ankle boots?
-          making fire in wilderness
-          miniature dachshund smooth puppy eBay
-          water filters thru hikers
-          fishing with dental floss
-          birds of north america
-          bear pepper spray