Saturday, 14 January 2017

Things from the time when you still needed talent and hard work to be somebody

Watching Beatles: Eight days a Week documentary (about 30 minutes in so far), thinking why I'm so much more a David Bowie person than I am a Beatles person … And I think it's all the screaming from teenage girls (Beliebers?), at a band of young lads who had their image tailored for them by other people (their pudding bowl haircuts mentioned a dozen times and never Astrid Kircherr), who were single and  yet kept singing about love to appeal to the fan base, because they weren't honest and serious, just in it for fame and fun, and because stage personas were meant to be believed (Lennon was supposed to be this lovey kind hippie peacemaker and still he beat women), whereas Bowie… He was a freak from the get-go, a solitary man out there to shock, to change, to challenge – to appeal to nobody, constantly morphing, conforming to no rules, no society, going from terrible ideas to brilliant ideas and his songs weren't about teenage pussy all the time.