Friday, 13 January 2017

I'll probably be getting my period and that's an explanation why I'm being so emotional, but the last two days EVERYTHING is tearing me up. And I'm not talking in a sad sense- no, really, I just read a good passage in an interview in a random newspaper and I start to cry, inspired. The sun shines through the window and casts a ray onto my cake, which has a chocolate snowflake on it, and I start to sob, overflowing happiness. When I worry, I worry catastrophically. When I plan the future, I plan it like a crazy person. I just learned a new word and it inspired me to go back to university and get a masters degree in - drumroll - DOCUMENTARISTICS. 
There is a science called documentaristics. Are you ef-ing kidding me. 

Only took me eighty-seven million ninety two coffees and half that of cakes to pick up a local newspaper and read that word for teh first time. 
Man I'm feeling alive.

Please, universe, don't kill anyone to teach me a lesson in humility. I'm plenty humble. See? No wool socks and it's minus sixteen outside. I'm plenty spartan.