Saturday, 28 January 2017

Editing the last pages of part one...

It's a TWENTY-FUCKING-SEVEN A4 page dialogue between Kay and Murphy I've been wrangling for these past few days now, throwing out MOST of witty banter and inserting some Thomas Aquinas level philosophy shit on responsibility and allowing yourself to joy and grief in equal balance. The purpose of their conversation is to strip him of his madness and make him want to survive and to solidify Kay’s talents into something that won’t drive the reader crazy, as she seems to slide in an out of realms and wakefulness like a crazy person. He points this out, praising she exists in three parallel storylines and refuses to get her feet dirty in a single one. The next phase of the editing is adding her diminishing stutter and coining his wording as if he was from Macbeth.  He talks like this, namely:
Instead of: “Don’t argue, I’m trying to help.”
He’ll say: “Bout none defensive, I offer art!”

Yeah. Fun times.