Thursday, 16 February 2017

Hurry, spring! - The whimsical macro safari (a ton of macros for no other reason but fun, thanks to Drej)

Drey's been shooting macros since a few weeks back when she got herself a camera. She posts something adorable every day, fuzzy and spacey, on Face and Insta. The motifs are usually tiny tiny plants, that she makes to look like huge creations - and because it's winter, there is always something haunting about them, something otherworldly. Check it out  -->

I've been consistent in my stagnation and keeping very low, regarding photographs - in fact I haven't done a single real shoot since I got back from the boat last august. I applied to the next trip and today I submitted all of the required documentation to board my next ship. Ironically, neither one of my two medical certificates is valid and there is no way I can get the third one - can't be Bahamas, must be Bermudas - as they cost a fuckload. From the same doctor, same tests, same results, just different first page of the PDF form.

Anyhoo. Since it looks like I won't be going away after all, and since today was something like the first amazingly sunny day after a looong bleeeeak winter, Drey and I spent the morning - from 8:30 to something like noon, wrangling the crazy dogs and shooting tiny macro details of a hill we climb in the mornings. It was so lovely and warm, we were in absolutely no hurry at all. Even had sandwiches :D



Tina said...

I really missed your photos, thank you <3