Friday, 3 February 2017

The Good Suramaritan

The original rebel and main quest giver, Thalyssra
I have spent the last two days doing the Good Suramaritan achievement, completed by ten chain quests which take you through the fall (and hopeful rise again) of the Nightfallen - a messed up tribe of hot peeps on bad times. They have managed to ruin their civilisation much in the same sense that their relatives the Night Elves, by relying too heavily on their source of power, a Night Well. (There was also that bit where the Legion came and their queen betrayed them and broke the world, but details.) Having been cut off from their magic, they withered into insane, starved wreaks, some behaving entirely like animals, others scraping by, begging for help. You find a hopeful niche - quite literally - in the storyline early on, a cave with an old powerline crossing and a tree with an option of being revived. A LOT of questing later, and some really well written quests those were - the cave becomes refuge for the saved, salvaged and reinstated Nightfallen and the tree, with a little help from yours truly and several other colourful characters, starts to bare fruit. Although the officials continue to need your supply of mana to keep them going, refugees bode well and start to make the cave a cosy home. 
The quests send you all around Suramar land, but mostly into the annoying fucking city, handsome as it may be. You get to wear a mask, but it is easily broken by guards and several missions take you into elites areas. On the plus side, you get to fly to your corpse, as running around the city is a nightmare. And so, slowly and surely, you cross paths with vicious lot (which is sooo fun to murder/assassinate eventually), with kind lot, with angry lot, passionate lot, the needy and so on. Truly, a lot of work. And it makes you feel genuinely accomplished once you've done everything you've done for those people. 
Ridiculously well written script that is. 

Shielded city, locked in timelessness and away from moonlight. The capitol Dalaran in the back

The garden where you get to make vine and see your contacts get murdered.

Messed up beyond repair folk

The cave with a new tree showing promise