Friday, 3 February 2017

In other news, England retroactively pardoned nigh 50.000 men for the crime of buggery – TOO FUCKING TOO LATE YOU FUCKING ASSHOLES – and Berkeley university did nothing much to stop a bunch of rioting LGBT lunatics from tearing down the school grounds in order to promote love, tolerance, acceptance and social justice. The reason? The Nazi white supremacy misogynist Milo Yiannopolis was going to speak there… Nevermind that Milo is a gay BBC loving Jewish immigrant whose only crime is questioning the logic of the SJW clique… The clique who promises to burn down every copy of his book, because he is a Nazi.
You know? THAT logic.
Bearing served a scary quote by his boy Churchill: The fascists of the future will be called Anti-Fascists … I know it only means that people doing the clean-up after party will be the worst, but still. Irony much.