Friday, 24 February 2017

John Wick #2

You can tell Americans love their bang bang movies, because this had less plot and lines than a Transformer movie, and Keanu Reeves had a very hard time delivering any of them, but the death toll was up in the hundreds. that said, it's a shame movies like this get nowhere near nominated for any of the photography or cinematography awards (like the sappy La La Lands and Oscar-baitey drama shit like that), because violence and NO realism in ANYTHING aside, the way this mess was made was BEAUTIFUL. Every detail, every tie, every car, every MUSEUM, metro, catacombs, gala, private residence and workshop was staged magnificently. It really makes me wonder if that's how Roman catacombs look these days, like a happening, as the last time I was there it was pigeon-shat-on sewerage.