Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Poor Pumpkin will forever associate me with her mistress leaving for an undisclosed period of time, so this look falls under the category of: Human, I will end you.

.. And I finally managed to get the stupid Kresnik mug, which i have been in pursuit of for about a year - I wanted to buy this for the General, because this is exactly what he looks like and is: the Slavic God of industry, war and fertility. Hermes helped in the cutest way, directing me through busy streets towards the one counter where they had it in the entirety of the city, and once I was there, it cost EXACTLY the amount of money I still had in my purse (20 bucks). I had not a single cent more or less, but that exact number. This was of course at the city central post office, Hermes' domain.

While alone for two day and hardly leaving the apartment, I got into a creative frenzy, having seen the cutest tiny little print and because I always travel with half of all of my drawing supplies, I spent the two days making almost 50 tiny tiny watercolour 'print' imitations, no bigger than half an average phone. My PTSD from the boat is slowly lifting, with Drej's descriptions of art markets and coming spring inspiring me to - perhaps not truly CREATE anything - but certainly imitate well the things I see around me.. I'll try to fit it with a watermark stamp or the imitation there-of, and then get some money to add the cute frame and we'll take it from there.. 

PS Plus a random abstract, my current photography theme...