Thursday, 1 November 2018


One of the characters in Goose is based on the amalgam of Warcraft characters, namely a kid of the disgraced warchief Garrosh Hellscream and at the time my main playable hero, Kestrel, an elf huntress advance scout. In Goose these two meet offscreen and make a whelp, who's born at the end of the book, more or less around the time his father is defeated by the good guys. Now, being written during Draenor campaign, it made sense to have a baby Grom and his mother go into hiding, but that was two expansions ago and since his father, Garrosh, has changed the tide of time, succeeding in saving his own father's life - Grommash' - and in BfA, which we are playing now, Grommash dies an old man, unspoiled by demon blood. (Luckily he dies before you have to tell him his son was killed. Long story.)

In Battle For Azeroth expansion one of the options when creating a new character is so-called 'Allied races' - some fancy dark elves, some fancy wild cows and the Mag'har orcs - the Hellscream boys' original clan, before they went crazy and killed everybody, starting with the dreanei. Don't remember how, but I completed the requirements for the fancy ghostly elves in the previous expansion already and the one for the cows was super easy, basically just a long chain. Now, the one for the Mag'har ... that one was a bitch. For the past three months I've been gaining reputation with one of the new factions and completing campaigns, so that finally I was able to approach the emissary and start gaining on the brown - original brown - orcs. You have to travel back in time to find a fragment Garrosh used to jump realities, and the first foe you face is a shadow, an echo of the crazed warlock who originally tried to poison his father with fel and all of his clan, making them green. This was the ultimate antagonist in one of the previous expansions, since Garrosh prevented his plan. It was the first of three trials and no way was I able to win it. Most videos regarding it feature prot paladins, who have the ability to heal themselves - I'm playing a havoc demon hunter. Great DPS, zero haling options but borrowed healthstones and pots. I had to threaten the teenager in the house he'll be doing dishes for a month if he doesn't get me through these trials. With a little bit of shuffling hot keys, he managed to defeat first the evil warlock, then the echo of a female who was an unofficial in-game female of Garrosh' and ultimately the echo of Garrosh himself. Depressing as it was to see and hear him again, kill him again, I then got the invite to travel to the alternative Dreanor to find and engage Mag'har orcs into our war plans. That's where you meet an old Grommash, but poor Draenei are now wicked and they kill what they can. You escape with what remains of the army, bringing them to Orgri.

And then you can make your new character in the form of a Mag'har orc. Indulging in alternative realities a little, I've imagined the whelp 'Grom' now a teenager, half orc half elf, trained in both fury combat and literature, infiltrating the Horde to serve as a recon scout (as Kestrel used to, before Horde got completely messed up, the shit which got Garrosh accused of war crimes now regular and worse.) Supposedly there's a civil war coming up in which you have to choose a side and I already know I'm not siding with the psycho bitch that's in charge momentarily. 

Here's someone else's drawing of Grommash. Still brown, thanks to his boi. The kind of an orc one would want their kid to grow up into, minus the homicidal tendencies and genocidal timetables. 

And my grom :D

"Balance, not bargains."