Wednesday, 7 November 2018

It occurred to me today why I don't really want the General in my dreams. I dream about him all the time, even if he looks like other things/people, it's the same man. And my dreams are fairly indulgent, they often make an effort to arouse, inspire or entertain me. However, when he's there, same as he does when I'm awake, he holds me back, massively. Today was a perfect example. I watched the Bohemian Rhapsody, so I dreamt of Rami Malek. We were driving somewhere uphill, not sure where we were going, but I had a ginger kitten with me, playing with its pink paws. He drove fairly badly, cutting the road in blind turns, speeding, and I found myself thinking in General's voice: because you find this guy attractive, you forgive him for shit you'd never forgive other people. Later, when we arrived at my parent's house there was another kitten there, sickly and grey. I thought, since I already have two at home and am adding ginger to my collection, I am almost certain we can cram the sick little one as well. If I bore of them later when they've grown up, I can always bring them back to the vineyard. Rami Malek, in General's voice, reasoned that if they grow up in the apartment, they will have no sense of living outdoors and something will eat them or run them over. 

They are fucking dreams, man. I just want to have a lot of kittens and fuck Rami Malek, is that so much to ask?!