Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Bit my tongue. OUU. That shit hurts!! Not the preferred start of the day... See? -->  I then gathered *exactly* 281 high end Northrend flowers without gaining a *single* Frost Lotus.. (My ICC 1o second-set-of-bosses battle is tonight and I need pots... Ridiculous, I tell you.) My back hurts from sleeping in a funny pose and as consequence I had really weird dreams about my old yellow postal moped and a lesbian scene with Tilda Swinton and La Roux...  O.o

A capoeira studio opened in my town and for about 1o minutes I was really excited about having ANYTHING in common with Vincent Cassell.. Also been wanting to get the General to take on dancing lessons since I met him (and since it turned out Miami Vice is one of our both favorite movies, I actually thought I had a chance "Pennies in my Pocket" burns!), and this would be my sneaky lure, but the haughty Clint Eastwood knows everything there is to know about war, so he of course knew what I was up to. Piček considers dance to be a perfectly pointless waste of time before sex (has similar views on foreplay, too), to what I secretly agree, but since I have WAY too much sex to be considered a proper WoW-playing geek, I thought something drastic should be done about it. (What if some day a song like this paly in some Cuban  hotel or garden pr something and I really look good in a slinky dress and there is no-one to dance with me but Arnold Vosloo? The only man Piček might actually be jealous about and then what am I suppose to do?) I was crushed to read about that 'dogs-kill-owner' episode. I'm sure I've mentioned it, the woman whose bullmastifs brutally attacked a man didn't go to trial because she was someone important, but then died and now her husband (also a doctor) was torn to sticky little pieces by them... Well, turns out and I can't be sure this is actually true, (though seriously, not even media can conjure up this kind of falsehood), but the husband was supposedly once a woman himself and police having found a large strap-on near the death scene, it suddenly became obvious the odd rectal bruising on one of the canine females were indeed testament to sexual abuse of the perpetrators...
                 .... I have A LONG way to go to be THAT weird, that's all I'm saying.

Work in progress....
            (The Pumpkin Prince details...)


Been wondering why do all the pickies of my family ultimatelly look like this?

But other than that.... It's 8am. Off to watch Memoirs of a Geisha and paint on..