Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Angelique e le whatever

I've been trying to watch Angelique (in I think most languages but French by now), simply because I stumbled upon the movies on P.Bay and because I remember reading all books about her (well, at least five) when I was thirteen. I just can't seem to et it. Though I adore old Errol Flynn flicks and old Robin Hoods, a movie like this just doesn't get into my head. NOTHING feels right. Not her hair, her make-up, her costumes are absurd, even her beauty is out of time - and I DO take the era in which the movies were made into consideration. Dunno, were they bad movies even then? Or did the emancipated ladies of the late sixties purposefully applaud Angelique's stubborn style and romantic view on the court of the Sun King (How I liked raping and killing him in my stories back then..)? 

Perhaps because I've seen the world as it truly was back then, I simply cannot swallow the director's interpretation. I found Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette sooner to being realistic! Dunno. I just can't get pass that wig and those erotic displays of her perfect frame, which remain exactly the same thorough her entire life-long ordeal. Somehow, and it's probably just the times I live in, that much blatant exposing feels like some posh pervs' country club video. Something to stare at while pretending to be watching paid actors act. I could be wrong, though. I could have just seen way too many HBO interpretations of places like Rome and Deadwood... It isn't rational to compare.

Did, though, like the latest episode of Fringe. Liked the ending. I was wondering when THAT bit will come crushing down like a ton of icicles on our dear heroes, and they didn't choose a bad moment to time it. The handsome yet overly masculine beaut Olivia FBI even exhibited two whole new expressions! One was not unlike the one I often cast on the ones I care for when I'm really really angry. The other was such profound shell shock - should she utterly hate Dr. Bishop or should she utterly pity him? End credits.