Saturday, 20 February 2010

LoL, it's RAINING! And not just some shy snow, hitting the ground all wet because of global warming - it's raining like a propper warm-time rain. I've forgotten how much I like the sound of it, not to mention how well it does it's job as janitor - streets are super salty, cars and shoes and trouser legs are getting eaten away by it and as I've always wondered how a highway would taste if I licked it, good riddance. Winter's been positively lovely (haven't had the chance to go enjoy it outdoors much, but that's not because trekking, skiing or shovel sledding wouldn't be available to me, it's just cause I'm butt lazy.), but it has been going on long enough. There's severeal wintery posts I haven't had the chance to upload yet - butt lazy part again - but it's a cool saturday morning, windows open wide, streets void of school geese flocks and I have Piček at home for another two long days. Rain just makes it perfect :)