Sunday, 28 February 2010

Holy hershys, it's been like an EON since my last entry and it's not from the lack of events, let me tell you :P

I haven't been able to upload since Piček's mum's doughnut making lesson, have I? Either way - see, this is the way they are SUPPOSED to be done. 

Now no more for a while. Except maybe her home made noodles...

As you can see, I've gotten the hang of the timer stamp. *aplause...* 

Time really runs so fast. There may have been a spell in the middle, when I was kind of bored and off the main road, thinking about posting some photos of Ziyi Zhang, because even though she is more less perfect in design, photographers get creative while taking her pics, without really stepping out of the box. Last I've seen that was with Gillian Anderson, but she's not so lovely, so perhaps is doesn't count. Easiest shots are always taken with people who look like dolls. Faces with minute flaws already make the job easier. And nothing is as boring as a photo of a pretty lady.
       But I'll do that another day.

Piček's sister's family has moved and for as much as nice their new house is, I have been secretly imagining the left-behind flat as my would-be kitchen for the cake studio. All I'd need would be someone who is licenced and a lot of cake models. :D

The drawing, on the other hands, sometimes goes incredibly well and I produce pickies I am really proud of, or I get stuck and I pick a fight with my baby. Bad fool. But I am a high maintenance bitch. Never said I wasn't. I just make sure it's worth it.

(It's purposefully bad quality, as I am obliged by contract to discourage copyrights violations... The book is rapidly heading for the finish-line...) 

We've gone to the movies to see the Wolfman. It's rather disappointing, but not entirely dumb. The cast was actually remarkable, except Benicio Del Toro, who seems like he's on crack and has just been woken up and dragged onto the set one minute ago for every scene. As much as I adore Hugo Weaving, he is obviously stuck onto his Agent Smith way of acting - and sorry but his Tick continues to inspire me today. The script was painfully bad, and everything seems to have been cut short - the narrative, the plot,  the human condition substory, the which-ever love affair.. It's like they took two minutes out of every scene done. The design of the story is not bad at all - Eerie Victorian era, science stuck between old superstitions and modern treatments, the arrogant beliefs that all human faults can be treated with torture.. I liked that approach a lot. The anemic little creature that plays the opportunistic fiance (first failing to get to the family wealth by marrying one brother, then the next) is for once individualistic and intelligent, if bored. She has a shop that no-one keeps? She must have it just for the heck of it then. But like I said, everything is just... something. Aha, there's a werewolf who is not only hungry, he's also rabid (no wild animal attacks with that much fuss Everybody knows the most dangerous predators go for the rim of the herd and do it soundlessly.) He takes out entire villages and gypsy camps and suddenly gypsies are a bunch of screaming girls. Then there's the old father figure, who is a father and a villain and a victim all in one go and Hopkins manages to pull it off magnificently, as expected. Then there's the whole transformation stuff and eating of the stupid doctor London elite and a bunch of "incredible Hulk in Matrix" fights. Between the two, I'd choose Hot Rod to be a better movie and that one just m kes your jaw fall off from staring. 

Alright, but the biggest news so far, is that I've finally created a guild. I've been fidgettng about it for days, until Piček was so fed up with me, he refused to be involved in the process of elimination of the titles :P (My idea of compromise, when I want the guild to be called something like The Literary Society, and he wants it to be warrior-like and cool, like Karantania, is to eventually come up with "KarantanialnLibrary Club". NOT what he was hoping for. LoLz.) But you know, I want the game to stop making nerds being ashamed of being nerds :) Probably not 2% of Slavs know that this was a proto-slavic 9th century realm, a pretty cool and feisty one in fact - but those who bother to google it, are in :) No idea yet what we'll do with it,  I just wanted the tabard and the bank - the slots are fucking absurdly costly! - but as long as I stop seeing it as something to worry about, it should be fun. We may even get together enough folk to raid decently. If we feel like it :)

Fot the least bit of interesting news, just in a sense of a log entry, a cultural office has approached me to do a project for them, but the way they've been going at it, letting me know they practically have no idea what they want done, they just wanna make sure it's super cheap, made me wanna hit "leave party". Seriously. Like a daft PUG. Lame players, epic starved. No, thank you.

The Kurents with their victim. One of the more magical, and brutal, heirlooms of our culture - the monstrously dressed fathers and sons with violently noisy cow bells, hopping through the streets to spook the winter off the roofs and fields. They snatch young ladies and take their scarfs or handkerchiefs to later brag which one has gathered more. Personally, I love the lore and love the noise and color, but cannot stand being caught by them. Hence the photos taken from the second story window :p