Tuesday, 2 February 2010

February starts

Awww, isn't lovey dovey nonsense the greatest?? I do declare!
           (Okay, yes, I have been reading way too much Pride and Prejudice, but I swear it's only because I liked the latest movie (the one with the Knightley chick) and totally wanted Mr. Collins for myself. Three's just something about thorough social rejects that turns me on. It's my marrow balance between my down-cast fantasies and the reality in which I'm going to be married to the general. The thought of him proposing still derails my sanity compass.) 
           He got me this hand cream (I suspect they made the cream first and then smelled it and thought hard on how they should call it, because NOBODY can conjure up mocha and cherry scent on purpose) that I am positively obsessed over these past few hours and am two applies away from eating it. I made a coffee cake with mascarpone, cracking the mistery of what that really is, exactly, finally, but it was eaten too quickly for me to take pics. (Though not BY me :S I'm turning into a skinny chef..) But seriously - the way lovers communicate is just beyond .. anything.
            "Hellloooouu! Helllllloooouu! Deep down in feggala holeee!"......
I bet that never in 5 million years would you know that means he would like me to make him more tea. 


Anyhoo, by now losing weight simply because I cannot afford food, I have - irony FDW!! - stumbled upon a shop where I found THE COOLEST plates ever. Remember those old white metal things, like bowls and pitchers and something something you would put salad in that you got from the garden and washed it? They had a blue rim and when dented, they would rust in this odd, natural, cosmetically ruined, but otherwise homely sense? I found those done purposefully in ceramic. I have to have it. I can't live without it. I also have to buy it for all my mentally sibling friends! (Phew, good thing I have no mentally sibling friends.. I can keep it all to myself!!) I will get rich and go out and then I will buy it. Mwuuuuahahahaha!!

     Yeah, okay. I know. It's 4am. I'm scary.