Friday, 5 February 2010

Update in a nutshell...

Continue to fail to download some of the cool reading thingies I kind of want. More Bryson. More about posh whores. Definitely something that qualifies for an airport novel. I am way too into quality stuff..

But I did get the tiny wonder that is the battered pot replica. Check out this absurd cuteness..

Isn't it??

Working on the last of the stories for the book... (Check out the new cartoonout there, Secret of the Kells.. That's some heavy duty art for a kids story. I bet the kids won't get it. Best stuff they usually don't.)


 Also made shtraubi and coffee cake. Dumb recipe failed to mention salt and of course as I tried to add it to oil, it was too late. Why do I always have to fix other people's cooking effort? Don't they love their job?

Zi Shtrauben: 

Und zi kejk:

Oh, yeah. It was uiber perishable. :P

Off to do my fishing daily. Tried to reid last night and got stuck in dumb groups four times. I better not be locked out of all the best dungeons.. or there will be snarling at the screen. 


PS Some portraits of mum while goofing around with the camera after lunch. yay, I made rice photogenic 8)