Friday, 20 August 2010

I can't believe the General bought me the G-Pen tablet for birthday.. That's so surreal. And I am angry at myself for not being able to use it yet, the anti-techno dummy that I am. And in dire awareness I'm going to require a better monitor at some point. It may come higher on the list than the Mark even. I have to learn how to handle my proofs without wasting the printer's time. My own master... :) One giant step closer. :D

I've made a B-day resolution, though... I have to re-acquire some form of patience. I have to stop being so damn hysterical all the time and allow my emotions to just pour out whenever they bubble. At least the ugly ones. That's why I'm now actively making these mental changes:

1) I will no longer swear so profusely and will for a while to my best ability use only curse words: Chicken, Duck!! (Don't ask. Long story. But we were playing poker and kids were present...)
2) Every time I feel myself getting a) angry b) impatient c) blatantly psychopathicly neurotic, I will say to myself above all: do I really want to soil General's day? That man loves me so much and I am such an arsehole..
3) Work every day to become a more profitable artist and be able to buy the General nice things... Like Levi's jeans.. and a car.