Tuesday, 10 August 2010

My first surgery (the recieving end)

I have to say, though ATM I feel like shit, that it's been an overall fun day. The whole 'walking around in a night gown', having strangers be nice to you, friendly helping, all sorts of reassurances, advices, new people met... Nothing like Grey's Anatomy, obviously, since the building was constructed during the socialistic era and all rooms, furniture, hallways, lights and dining area look like a basement of a Russian prison, but although warned, my experience with the staff, even some doctors, was so very lovely. The recovery took for EVER, though. And I'm angry at myself, as now I won't be able to go trekking and can' have sex for a fortnight :S That blows.

The best bit by far was the anaesthesia. I've never been under before, so I kept wondering how long I'll be able to fight it, once they begin to dose me... Dad says he's always so afraid, drifting off, so I came prepared. Wasn't afraid, so to say, just nervous. It's the same as nothing much reall *hurt*, but lots was plenty uncomfortable.
           Once put onto a bed, still in the hallway, a nurse came to take my data all over again (they quadruply check everything), then took my hand, caressed and held it reassuringly, while she introduced herself and told me she'll be assisting this and this doctor and they'll be taking a good care of me. She put a needle on the back of my palm, which, okay, stung as pricks go, and then warned me it'll get a bit fuzzy, since this was a powerful anti-pain management. Up until then I regretted not accepting a bathrobe, getting cold from lying still hungry, but soon my body got really pleasantly warm. And, sure as taxes, I got incredibly weary and lights swayed a bit, like I was mega stoned or drunk. Every time someone asked me something, I need to really force myself to bother answering. Thank all gods i wasn't expected to cooperate! The motorics were fine, if I thought about it, though, and should need arise, I probably would manage to flee :p
             Once they took me into the OR, lots of people around me, They put another drop of poison onto the butterfly needle on my hand, eventually signalling for the drug to be injected. Someone was pushing oxigen into me and I hated it, because cool air went pass py cheeks and to my eyes. Already they began washing my vajej'jej, and I got really scared they'll start opening me before I'm alseep. My hand began to hurt, so the nurse caressed me again...
              ... And then they stirred me awake, in the recovery room, in the bed, hours after the operation.
             What the.... ??
             No idea how, when, why or for how long, but they put me out like a switch. Just NEXT SCENE. Cut frame. Page missing. At the same time beyond allarming and yet so very comfortable, all the messy stuff was done and over with. All that was left was occasional check-ups and waaaaaaiting for the hours to pass so I can go home. 
              Amazing. That's something I was glad is behind me. Next time I'll bring a better book :P