Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Next trip (travel dream) :p

Been thinking... (I know. I know.) Considering I'm in a birthday=I can do anything kind of a mood... Things it may be wise to invest in come near future, in hope of super fun travel and wild adventure :

Realistic stuff: 
A car. This is General's idea of a decent ride:

Which is realistic, given what I would drive, if I actually had any reason to:

So we'll probably get something like:

A tent.
This would be sufficient, 
(ferrino shaba 4)

although considering we plan to invite friends (and dogs) along, and of course in case we every do some heavy duty archeology/anthropology or good old tomb raiding, why not go wild with double the size? :)) The things to look for in a tent: weight (though not so crucial if you're in a car, but dimensions do matter), season readiness and the part where they don't fall to bit after five uses.

Or this, for extreme conditions, such as Norway in summer :P

I haven't camped in a decent tent in ages! Uigh! I can just imagine the General and me, snuggling together in my super duper trooper old sleeping bag, with my sis and her honey coting next to us and Rokstar stuffed somewhere in the middle; the doggies in their box in the corner... Even if just over night, parked outside someone's police station (always the safest place to spend the night), or for a couple of days, exploring some magic countryside... Or Scandinavia... It's 30 bucks per head per night in those regions.. If we are five, for thrice the price of one night's hostel stay, you can get a tent that's like a suite in Hilton.

Doggie transporter: Big enough for two mutts, not too big as to crowd everyone else from the car. (That's why we need a big car. It's no longer just you and me, Toto. 


Car trunk:

Fuel canister: (gas costs waaaay too much to be aloof upon this.) Ferries and highway fees are nightmare enough.

Shovel. I can't believe those bastards broke into my old car and stole my SHOVEL. I mean... Why?! WHY?!

Water canister. And Coke, too, obviosly :D

Unrealistic stuff: (Stuff we don't really need.)

And of course: The Mark :D
If we were just random family folk, we'd do our ten days in the summer, same old hotel environment, and a week in some moderate ski resort, it wouldn't be that hard to do it all the time. But to have trips like we have them.. That's a  different matter entirely. In the end the price is ultimately the same, I should think, but the service couldn't be more different. Time, more, places, more, things seen, far otherworldly. Never forget, it's not the data or the emotions that matter upon return: it's the pictures you took and stories you can tell.

Now, let's see... Five people, on a trip, maximum enjoyment, minimum costs....
Three sleeping bags, three mats or two big ones. A light rug for the fore room. Lots of water and some juice or fizzy drinks.. More water for hygiene. Also quite a few wet tissues and toilet paper. I am so totally used to poop since having to pick it up graciously after Starbark, I could probably do the same with mine, but lesson from the army days: nothing much you can't do with a shovel. Everything else is just normal travel stuff - clothes, first aid and cosmetics.
               Whereas as far as food goes - and I know that makes me sound like one of the Polish tourists on Croatian coats, but I am honestly not rich enough to eat in Skandinavia: hmm.. Five people, fourteen days. Two large meals, and snacks. Let's see. Breakfast: corn bread, Poli, margarine (good thing it's cold there and all this stuff would be fine in the trunk. or we could of course just buy another cooling box... Crackers, smear cheese, cookies, marmalade, puddings and suchlike. Also for snacks - fruit, chocolate, energy bars. Big meals: canned food, such as beans (and then a long ride on? Hm.), stews and spaghetti sauce. With it: potatoes, veggies, pasta, tortellini and rice, although rice is not fatty enough and food for trips like this needs to be high in calories, so you eat less and gain more. I imagine it could easily be done. We'd had to either be careful about the food import or just buy the tricky lot once we are there, but I don't suppose that would be our worst problem. 
         Personally I far more dread flat tires (all that fuss!) than food deprivation. One can go a long was on energy bars - but one does tend to be cranky afterwards :D

I found these blog posts by some little girl from my land, whose family tripped over Mongolia.... They seemed to be on en route with two small children, two large cars and total impro all the way, although they did have sponsors. The trips seems to have been perfect. Also had tents in it! :D
(photos by some other people, not me)
See what I mean? :D