Wednesday, 25 August 2010


Although not my first choice (but unfortunately the only one this week), the super-skinny new-nose Angelina, whose mouth looks like it's about to fall off at any time, delivers a perfectly watchable popcorn performance - stressing the popcorn part. The movie wasn't dull, albeit painfully predictable, and it would make sense she's paid ten times as much as anyone else, considering she's got 90% of screen time. I liked her husband and his spiders, and how in the church when things go boom, all the high ranking army officials shield the president with themselves. That's high ranking patriotism, that is. If someone shot our president, I think my first thought would be: get your stupid brain off my gorram shoes, dick.I also liked the stealing bit. I still need to suppress my urge to steal entirely, viewing it no longer as an exclusive emotional ride but reasonably  (General's hard logic rubs on me :s) - something that besides fun offers precious little and yet can jeopardize too much. The most crucial factor is, that because in fear of disappointing the General, I am a coward. No thief should worry about consequences of being caught. Then you better don't be a thief. And watching Going Postal kind of kicked in my gut. But I do have to mind myself all the time, badly. Just like swearing profusely in jest, this is also in my blood :P

Haha - WHY watching movies like this is so hard on General and me? Example: when she takes her "emergency" backpack, she even had explosives packed, but NOT running shoes? Seriously? She continues to run around in high heel boots? Okay, I know it's just a movie and the running shoes would look ridiculous on her, but come one. It's the first thing you put on. Good shoes are half the victory. And she was still a sociopath. TRAINED into something and she still shot all her 'brothers' because of new found patriotism for US? A trigger-happy killer, but against global war? A double-agent to the core, but in love with her husband/mark? Make up your friggin mind. And, training and adrenaline aside, NOBODY a) walks upright after that kind of beating a b) has THAT kind of flawless hair-do, coming out of an Asian prison. I went to an Asian *vacation* and my hair didn't look that neat.